Nate's Gimp Art
Here's some of the stuff that I've been messing around with on the gimp.

Early Expressions

Here's a couple of my first attempts at Gimp Art. Rob had just taught me gradients, alpha channels, render filters, etc. and I was playing around.

  • satellite matrix
  • noisy sunset


    One saturday night this summer, my friends Jeff, Chris, Rob, and I went to the Lake Michigan beach and watched the sunset. I was struck by the aesthetic of colors and light that play into horizons, and after that evening, I decided to spend some time making abstract gimp horizons. Here's a couple of those.

  • horizon2
  • horizon4

    IFS Explorations

    Here's some early stuff that I did with the gimp's IFS Compose tool. It allows creation of interesting shapes, I think, and I'm still infatuated with it...

  • ifs worship
  • beginning of fall 98
  • corpus
  • Erin Parkers Background

    More Current Stuff

    This is the stuff that I've been doing recently... actually that's not a lot, what with school, work, and etc. I've been working with IFS Compose more and trying to work within my wacky personal genre. But what the hell... here they are.

  • two
  • two together
  • two plus
  • three
  • Erin, Bela, and me

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