Dan's Quik-Lube and Grille

Combination diner-garage serves great food and car care.

by Nate Oostendorp

When I heard about a little combination Food/Oil-Change place on the south side of Holland, I was skeptical. I had no doubts about their servicing for my car, but I couldn't help but wonder about the cuisine half. After my first visit, however, I'm sure my car and I will both be checking our mileage frequently to see when we can go back.

The decor is lovely, with six stalls separated by wicker dividers, giving the restaurant ambiance without me having to stare my fellow drivers in the eye. When I drove up to the front the pleasant hostess waved me in, presented my wife Tuti and me with menus and pointed us to a parking stall next to a window. After we had parked ourselves in their roomy garage, our waiter Hank visited our vehicle and took orders for drinks.

Tuti had a fruit daiquiri, and I topped off my fluids with a Miller Liteľon tap from the bar a few stalls over. Hank brought us our drinks promptly. He came back to take our dinner orders, and suggested the house specialty "The Carburetor" hot sandwich. Despite his recommendation I steered clear of the more exotic dishes and had a rack of ribs, Tuti had their roasted salmon, and Quaker State Premium for the car. The dinners included salads, which were served with dressing ľ I opted for the blue cheese dressing rather than vinegar and oil.

Hank brought our orders back to the kitchen, which is in the back of the pit, set away from the front of the cars so the patrons can watch their food being prepared. Hank came back with our fresh-made salads and asked me to pop the hood. While we enjoyed our salads, our car enjoyed top of the line maintanence from Hank.

A few short minutes later Hank closed the hood, wiped off his hands on a rag in his pocket, and went to the pit to get our food, which was, of course, excellent. The ribs were superbly done and the barbecue sauce was definitely a unique treat. My dinner was served with a wet-nap and a small bottle of upholstery cleaner. Tuti enjoyed her salmon immensely, and we both enjoyed the excellent "pit spuds" mashed potatoes that came with our meal.

After we had finished with our dinners Hank came by and asked about dessert. Tuti and I decided to split their house specialty "The Rocky Road Supreme," which was excellent. While we were finishing our dessert Hank put the Dan's Quik-Lube and Grille sticker on the upper left corner of my windshield, and brought us the check.

It's hard to compare Dan's to any other restaurant. No where else can you get essential car care combined with such quality food. For the utilitarian, this situation is a wonderful time-saver, and for any one who's not, it's still great food, a wonderful atmosphere, and quality Quaker State Products.

Nate Oostendorp is a restaurant reviewer for the Grand Rapids Press.