Sex Collage

warm night. the beach. on foot. introspective knots in the sand. long conversations.

17 fragments from real and imaginary conversations.

I think that the electric light damaged us.

Perhaps we would have more sex if we lived in the darkness.

I completely adore the infatuation and the flirting. it is like this complex dance in a certain mystical garden. a ritual of coupling. and while there are patterns, it's the flourishes and deviations from the patterns that keep the momentum...

And what would you say makes people good in bed?

I was being myself. Because every man is Jesus Christ.

"i'm turning into teen wolf - some crazy animal that's going to go nuts because she needs male companionship so desperately!" (if this is how you are feeling right now, you might be dangerously under-sexed)

My friend didn't understand how someone's mind could make you fall harder than just some random good-looking guy.. and anyway.. i find pale geek boys hot.

His chapter on masterbation condemned masturbating during sexual fantasy, and suggested that you basically "work out" your sexual feelings by focusing that energy on anything that's not sex.

"emotions suck. everything should be digitally based. but not the sex..."

I'm going to be a single person for a long time yet...
but I'm still a sexual being whether I choose to express it or not...

i've dealt with sex already,
and to be honest in my experience it hasn't been that great,
so it's not like i'm jumping at the opportunity to have it again.

so... do you think having sex in a big box in front of class counts as an avant garde poem?

We are going to the gay club.. because if a guy there touches us while dancing.. its not groping.. hrm.. maybe that is why I don't have a boyfriend.. I spend all my time at the gay clubs.. but they play Erasure and lotsa Pet Shop Boys!

and it was the same for me. The three guys who I've had sex with were all virgins.

99% of all porn is complete crap. The other 0.9% has potential, but ultimately fails to rise above the morass. Somewhere in the remaining 0.1%, however, lies erotic bliss so seductive that we suffer the remainder for the chance of a fleeting glimpse.

Definition of Orgasm:

The man and the woman feel a tingle together.

Definition of Orgasm:

Muscles contract. Release. The universe aligns. Angels sing. Wet. Wetter. Union. Harmony. The Self disintergrates into millions of pulses of energy. The body hums. The soul reverberates. Generally acquired from people whose unique ability to devote attention to small details can make immense things happen, such as, but not limited to: programmers and artists. Acquisition method: sex and in very rare moments masturbation or scintillating discussion

"and I can think of nothing more beautiful than watching your pupils slowly dialate..."

Erin Bates
Jeff Bates
Dr James Dobson
Marie Keuning
Charles Manson
Nate Oostendorp
Victoria Palmer
Cecile Rougetet

April 5, 1999
Gathered by nate