Kitchen Master XQR-Opener 9600

Congratulations! You have just purchased the Kitchen Master XQR-OPENER 9600 can opening system. We know that you will find our product a fun and helpful way to access foodstuffs that are contained in cans of all shapes and sizes. The Kitchen Master Corporation would like to thank you and all users of your XQR-OPENER 9600 for making us a part of your everyday life, and of your food-consuming process. We hope that you keep Kitchen Master in mind when purchasing new can-oriented appliances of all shapes and sizes.

You might be confused at some of the vague instruction manuals of other can opening systems, but Kitchen Master prides itself in its Ease-Of-Manipulationtm products, which include the XQR-OPENER 9600. Each one of these products has been tested by highly trained quality control specialists, and are guaranteed that Even An Idiot Could Use Ittm. Nearly seventy percent of our specialists could use the XQR-OPENER 9600 with no previous instruction, merely relying on our highly intuitive MCI (Man-Can Interface). Years of research into the human/canned-food relationship are paying off for you, our valued customer.

We do encourage you to extend your can-opening horizons past this single XQR-OPENER 9600 that you have purchased. According to an independent survey, 67% of American Households own more than one can opener. Imagine the convenience of having a XQR-OPENER 9600 for every member of your household, preventing family strife when everyone wants to open their can at the same time. Or, if the XQR-OPENER 9600 is insufficient for your can opening needs, consider taking the next step, to the LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000.

The LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000 opens cans at a blindingly fast 427-rpm , and is self-cleaning and label removing. But don't expect that the LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000 will replace your old XQR-OPENER 9600 from Kitchen Master, indeed the two are designed to work as The Ultimate Can Opening Systemtm. While the LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000 can handle the rough work of heavy-duty can opening, the light, portable XQR-OPENER 9600 can be reserved for quick, off-the-cuff use. Or save the LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000 for grunt-work in the kitchen, and enjoy the flexible portability of the XQR-OPENER 9600. The combination of one LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000 and one XQR-OPENER 9600 is not the only possible configuration for The Ultimate Can Opening Systemtm, indeed there is limitless scalability by utilizing additional XQR-OPENER 9600s for massively parallel can opening. Or keep several backups in stock to ensure against component failure.

Please don't keep the secret of can opening to yourself. Share it with your friends and family by making gifts of the XQR-OPENER 9600 or the LXQR-ELECTRO-OPENER 29000. There is nothing more wonderful that a gift that you can use, particularly when it is a can opener of such high caliber as the XQR-OPENER 9600. Kitchen Master is one of the most revered names in can-oriented appliances, and people know that when they receive a Kitchen Master product, it is a product of quality and durability.

We hope that you enjoy the use of your new XQR-OPENER 9600, and look forward to supplying you with What You Need To Open Canstm.


Nathan Oostendorp
CEO, Kitchen Master