Title? "Wine For Dummies" "Polyproploline Facial Implants"

Will do. (I think you can do without the "will do." I don't understand why it's there.) If we have red wine, shouldn't we be eating red meat? Or should we just have a red sauce? I remember reading something like that in "Wine for Dummies", but I forget exactly. Is that a bad sign? Unless you wanted something less apolstery (?)... or something in the chicken category... I was planning on cooking over here.

What kind of alcohol-based beverages do you like? In addition, I think that unifying groups as oblique as "the Christians" is a much harder task than he gives credit for. are you going to be un-undercover sometime? unfortunately, my mind is currently inside my head in my small device programming class. Though, with the weather getting worse, I'm thinking a turn towards whiskey is in order...

skool (I wonder why you wrote "skool" this way.) definitely takes time out from what (This line is great (and true) it is very funny (some might miss b/c it is subtle)) otherwise would be productive time...I think it's the same kind of thing street musicians do... (you mean to say people in school can be doing something better?) at least the bad/avant-garde ones. I gave him "poor" (this sentence goes along with it Very, very good!!) and tore apart his presentation...

he deserves it. (?Civilized Society?)CS (What/Who is CS?) all looks the same, just with different systems to apply. Made me decide against going into academics.tromp on over to the Geekhouse for a video-game (Good line! Funny and hits point very well!) sensory explosion.is this beck again? (What is the reason for a lack of spaces between the periods?) I think you've been warped... I never intended to. Anything which might be described as "pity" was merely an oversight on my part and will soon be corrected. kurt! I will join you on the wide and easy path!

(Good humor) dammit! Do I have to do everything for you? Come up to the lab and get my sweater. I had a (agreement) polypropoline facial implants all ready to go, too - so you could look exactly like me. But class is starting, so it's too late for that. Better just slouch in the corner and do your best to try to look like two people... where the hell are you? Please, warn me if I get close! chuck d from public enemy lectured at GVSU earlier this week... do you think you could get info available (a writeup from the campus paper, etc)? he talks about Jesse "the Body" winning minnesota elections, (I don't get how this ties in - the whole Chuck D thing - people speak on what you think they'd know little about? ?) so I think it's current... not unless you have a habit of emailing foreign-chemical users and getting asked oblique questions... hmm... I must have a pair of drinking pants somewhere... That is, if Joel didn't borrow them and leave them in the back set (seat ??) of his car...

Ah, yes... I had forgotten about your obsession with my ampility... cheap, too. You can get it at gas stations 6/$1 or 60/$6... I think they might even sell it at Columbia One Stop. Haven't run out yet. things are all different now. I like rap music. Although I still like the talking heads. (Good ending - shows you can be involved with today's society yet still keep your own ideas! Kim

good story - about sticking to your guns or getting swmped into fads - I think the way it's approached- unique + flashy

Very hillarious, although I don't know what the exact topic was. Was it getting swamped into fads? I guess that before I read it, I would've like to have know that the topic was & some other background info. The style in which the pieces was written was great. It seemed to have taken a serious tone & then is full of humor. The humor is serious and is "disguised" within serious context. I like it that way because the humorous parts are that much funnier when discovered. I absolutely love the "skool" paragraph. Nice job Nate!

I liked your musings was the topic about being pulled in a variety of directions?, or was there no topic intended. I liked the fresh approach, style.

Mike Hanley

Nathan Oostendorp; November 12, 1998